Thursday, October 23, 2014

I Am Going To Talk About Lootcrate

Just recently discovered Lootcrate ( ). As a geek who is into just about everything geek related, this is an awesome looking service. Regretfully I am not able to justify such an expense every month, but I was able to treat myself this month for my birthday. Kind of wish I had done it a month earlier though, because I really like what was in the September Lootcrate. What I have seen for this month's lootcrate is still cool. The theme is 'fear' and what you get is zombie/ horror related.

In the September on they had a Alien retro figure, a Captain Mal from Firefly figurine, a tribble just for a start. It seems like every month at least one piece is a Lootcrate exclusive, and exclusive geek collectables are always cool to get a hold of.

I do like the idea of getting a box of geeky goodies every month in the mail. I have never understood how the mail away offer idea has fallen away from use. As a child I loved getting stuff in the mail, especially if I knew it was a special figure or item that you could not get in the stores. Just ordering stuff from Amazon is not the same as getting an unique item.

So I am going to see if others will go and use this link here and enter to win a year's worth of lootcrates. I will openly tell you that if you do this I get 20 entries in the contest, so you can do me that little favor as well as try to win it for yourself. Even if you're not interested in the prize, enter and if you win you can give it to me.

So yes, this post is fully about trying to get more entries in the lootcrate contest. I am not above such gimmicks. I am a geek and a collector who is low on funds and will do waht I can to try and get some cool collectables.

I have not yet received my first lootcrate, but it should be here any day now. I will try and write up a post on my thoughts on it and put up some pics, as there seems to be a whole community out there sharing their enjoyment of the lootcrates.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How Did Deadpool Become So Popular?

For those of you who do not know who Deadpool is, he is a Marvel comic's character ( that was introduced in the 90s. He has grown in popularity over the last 20 years and is now going to get his own movie.

I went back and looked at his first few appearances, which were as unmemorable as it gets. Somehow he is on the covers, yet he is not even close to being needed in either of his first two appearances. He is an uninteresting character who does next to nothing. He is made out to be some kind of super mercenary, yet he is defeated both times simply because he encounted an unexpected adversary. Basically if someone he is not ready to fight shows up, he is going to lose. That is what I took away from rereading his first two appearances.

Somehow over the decades they have expanded the character, although I still do not find him interesting. I have checked out some of his recent issues, as he now has his own on-going series, and found I still did not care for him. His comics are silly, too silly and over the top to tell anything close to an interesting story. There just was nothing there that appealed to me.

Deadpool will remain a character I am just not that interested in and will never understand how he got to be so popular. It is puzzling and bizarre to me how this happened, but this is not the first time I have been puzzled by something becoming popular.

Now I am sure I will see the Deadpool movie at some. I might even enjoy it, but that still doesn't mean it makes any sense at all as to how he got so popular.