Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Now That is How You End a Series

Last night we saw the end of a great, short lived cartoon show, Gravity Falls. In just two season we were given a great, complete story of two twins spending an incredible summer with their great uncle.

Producers need to take note of how and why Gravity Falls ended. The show's creator ended the show because he told his complete story and was not about to mess things up by keeping the show going after the story is told. While that meant we only got two seasons of this remarkable show, it also means we got a full story and we get to end the show with a proper ending that was clearly how it was always to end.

The final episode had it all. You see real growth in all these characters, even minor ones. All the stories came together, giving us a feel that every episode mattered.

And we really did care about what happened to all the characters.

If you are not familiar with the show, then I recommend you get out and binge watch it. Only two seasons and a batch of shorts, so it is any easy one to get caught up in.