Sunday, October 22, 2017

Disharmony of the Spheres

My story 'Time of the Bursting' has been published in the anthology 'Disharmony of the Spheres:

It is an anthology of stories that focus on mental illness. This is the most meaningful anthology I have been in.

Half the profits from this book will go to the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Organization, a group that battles teen suicide.

The following is from the product description.

"Mental illness is very common in our society, but it’s also very misunderstood. Many view those with mental illnesses as being weak, but there is a great deal of strength in those that must battle their own minds on a regular basis. Disharmony of the Spheres focuses on characters with mental illnesses that are still able to be successful. They may not completely overcome their illnesses, but they are able to beat them back and succeed."

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