Tuesday, December 31, 2013

You Can't Pick Your Cereal Based on Prize Any More

So this one is going to start with 'In my day' and make me feel like an old man, just talking even if no one is listening.

Here we go...

In my day they had prizes in every kid cereal.  Most everyone I knew picked their cereal based on the prizes. I know I did. Prizes were the number one aspect in the choice, then you worried about if you actually liked the cereal or not.

I still have all manner of cereal prizes from when I was kid. Yes, I am horrible when it comes to getting rid of things. Of course that means I have a really cool collection of such prizes covering all level of toys.

Over the last few decades the idea of prizes in cereal boxes have faded to the occasional promotion for some reason. It makes picking your cereal far less exciting.

So when they do a prize promotion, it is noticeable.

Movie promotions and such are the common way to go and can have a better level of prize than there used to be. A recent one they just did was for Star Wars Character pens. They had done a very similar one a few years back to promote the release of the movies on Blu-Ray. This time there was nothing to promote, which I felt was a little odd. And General Mills (The company whose cereals had the prizes) seemed to have done nothing to advertise this promotion. The promotion went so quick that you really might have missed it even happening. However it must have been popular, as in the short time they were available they sold through fairly well. I've seen some promotions that have lingered on the selves for months, yet here is one I was interested in and it runs out in no time at all.

I guess that shows that Star Wars is still huge.

Wish they would do more of this kind of thing.  Without the prizes, it just doesn't feel worth it to pick up the name brands. At that point there is little difference between the name brands and generics.

Okay, I think I have ranted on this subject long enough.

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