Saturday, April 19, 2014

My New Dollar Bin Comic Book Addiction

The Mile High Comics warehouse store on Jason street is just awesome.  If you have never been there and live in the Denver metro area, check it out. You will be impressed.

About a year a go we started attending various events there regularly. While I have not been collecting comics at the level I used to, my boys and I were enjoying the deals we got in their regular auctions and other promotions Chuck puts on. My boys got some nice older comics for their budding collections at reasonable prices.

Recently I made the mistake of scanning through the dollar comics bins. So many comics for a dollar each, with a good deal from the late 70s early 80s. I  started to fill in the gaps from my collection. And I am really enjoying reading these old comics.

Having actively been collecting over several decades I saw the change in style as comic books kept up with the times, but it having been a while since I read the older stuff I never really though much about it. Now I look at the complete package of the thirty year old comics and I love it. The ads, the story telling and art, the cover layout. It really sets them firmly in their time, the time when I started collecting comics.

While I am not buying much in the way of new comics now days, as we do not have a budget for it. I did pick up a couple issues of the new Ms. Marvel and my first issues of The Superior Spider-Man as the series ended with the real Peter Parker returning, and of course I will be getting issue 1 of the new Amazing Spider-Man. However, in general if I pick up comics now days it is most likely from the dollar bin.

I am exploring some new series for me, like the Micronauts, that I had never gotten into before. I've picked up the few issues I needed to have a complete run of the original Excalibur series. I been filling in the gaps in my New Mutant collection. And I've picked up a few random comics that have just caught my attention.

This is a great way to collect comics on a budget. I just have to keep my visits there to once a month to be safe.

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