Saturday, November 1, 2014

So That Was the Death of Wolverine?

Marvel comics this year decided to go ahead and officially kill off one of their biggest characters. They made a huge build up to the event, never hiding their plans or playing games. The on going Wolverine comic did a countdown to the event. Then they went and did a four issue series titled 'Death of Wolverine'.

The best things I can say about 'Death of Wolverine' is that they had some of the best cover art I have ever seen. The covers were awesome.

The story however... Well it really didn't flow or make much sense. It just kind of was there. There is no meaningful journey through his past adventures or getting caught up in some extraordinary saga or even being given a respectful end where he ties up loose end, creating some sense of closure. Yes, he does end up confronting several of his bigger past foes. None of it was meaningful in the least.

Then we get to the end. I won't go into details just in case there are fans who have not read it yet. I am fairly sure we are supposed to get a feeling of irony and of things having come full circle. However both my son and I had the same initial impression of 'That's it? That is how he died?' His death really served no purpose (Outside of making money for Marvel comics). His last action was really not that heroic or dramatic, even though I think it was supposed to be. One element building up to his death was the lose of his healing factor, which to me suggested a simple death to show him being mortal. Instead we get a death that most likely would have killed him if his healing factor was working at full strength.

So many missed opportunities in this.

The series sold extremely well and will most likely be the best selling comics of the year. So Marvel is happy with how it all turned out.

I hope they don't pull the normal route and in a year or so bring Wolverine back. Although I very much am expecting that to happen.

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  1. The plan is to have 4 wolverines: the Ontario Kid(Wolverboy), the Man of Adamantium, the Mountie of Tomorrow, and the Last Son of Canada. eventually, they will all be revealed to be pretenders to the throne and the real logan will have been recupertaing in a plaid flannel stasis pod.

    Later, they will split him into Wolverine Red/Wolverine Blue and give him energy powers

    I swear this is all true...