Friday, December 26, 2014

'No Wonder You Keep Getting Invaded'

I can actually say a few positive things about this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special 'Last Christmas'.

First off it was not as bad as it could have been. In fact it was better than many of this past season's regular episodes. Regretfully that is not saying much. Last Christmas fits in well with the lowered story quality we have been seeing recently. It was more concept than story in the end. The bigger problem is it was a concept we've seen before, dealing with levels of dreams, getting trapped in one's dreams and where reality begins and dreams end.

Now we did get some fun lines. My personal favorite was:"There's a horror movie called Alien? No wonder you keep getting invaded."

I am starting to think they might be stabilizing Capaldi's Doctor finally. It took a whole season, but
he did feel more like the story knew just who this Doctor was for once. We can only hope that this impression stays with the next season.

I liked the dream crab concept, but as with any time I have ever seen fiction play with the dream world, there were just too many aspects that didn't make sense, lacking any fully realized logic. That always seem to happen when anyone tries to deal with the dream world though.

I kept hoping we would get a good punch line revealing that the whole last season had just been a dream and that Moffat had been messing with us the whole time. I might have been able to forgive him for his may mistakes this last year if he had done that.

The ending was... It just was. Nothing special or overly interesting really. No hints of what is to come this next season. In some ways better than what we were given last year, but once more that is not saying much.

Last Christmas was a forgettable entry in the Doctor Who Christmas specials that just helps to defend my idea that Moffat needs to step down before he fully ruins the franchise.

I am a little worried that it seems as if Doctor Who is bigger than ever now at the time the episodes are falling in quality. That is not how you get a franchise going strong.

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