Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I'm Not A Power Ranger Fan, But This Was Awesome And NSFW

So a group of Hollywood Power Ranger fans went and made a really dark short Power Ranger fan film. And this is some dark, dark stuff.


I remember being very unimpressed when Power Ranger first came out and thinking it would be so much better if it went dark and ah so intensity to it. So here we are twenty years later with someone doing just that for fun and it is undeniably better than the legitimate show.

I would watch an actual series based off of this idea. In less than 15 minutes it has more suspense, drama and twist and turns as well as actual characters and character development. All of those are thing fully lacking from the actual show.

Now I know one of the main arguments for Power Ranger is that the show is for kids. Now the short it self is clearly for adults, kid shows do not need to be that simple, that lacking of character and plot.

I also love to see movie makers go and make these kind of well made pieces that they put out there for free, just because they had something they wanted to make and get out there. We are at a point where fan films can have incredible production values and often be of a higher quality than much of the legitimate junk coming out of Hollywood.

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