Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The World From The Park

We all know that for the most part Hollywood is not big on being original. Sequels and reboots flood our theaters constantly. With that comes both the good and the bad of it all.

With Jurassic World I was not sure if we would get the good or the bad with the film. I was not into the hype and originally planned on waiting until the film made it to video before seeing it. JP 2 and 3 were disappointing, so I had little faith that JW would be anything more.

Also with how Hollywood is making it obvious that there is no way to match the originals when they let a franchise sit for two decades, as we have seen with so many sequels (Or prequels) as of late. I have been let down so much by the big franchises. And while I consider movies like Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls to not be the worst in the franchise ( I find Temple of Doom to actually be a worse move) it was lacking. There was a lot of build up to finally getting a new adventure in that universe after all that time. I have learned to not expect the sequels to give me the same wild ride as the original did. With so many of the real great movies there is something magical about that first film that we always want to get again, but it rarely, if ever can be found in sequels.

With that being said, I had heard enough good stuff about Jurassic World that I decided to go and see it in the theater. t also helped that my oldest was pushing for us to go see it.

Jurassic World comes very close to giving us the original Jurassic Park without doing the BS Home Alone thing of just doing the same movie again.

JW is an original movie fully self contained in story. You really do not need to see the original movies to understand what is happening. JW adds to the universe while continuing the story we have seen worked on in three movies already.

With JW they have gone back and given us a lot of what worked in the first movie, that they somehow forgot about when working on the first two sequels. We are back with the moral concepts of man tampering with nature and not caring about the results. We also get the best examples of Ian Malcolm's chaos theory out of any of the movies

In the end it was a fulfilling film delivering what it promised. With how huge of a movie it has become, there is no doubt the franchise is alive and well and will be putting out more movies. Hopefully they will look at what made JP and JW work and what made the other two movies fall short. I am not going to hold my breath on this, but I will keep hoping.

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