Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Star Wars Collectibles I Most Likely Won't Collect

With just a over a month before the new Star Wars movie hits the theaters, with what may be a record crushing opening weekend with a predicted 600 million world wide (http://www.imdb.com/news/ni59122843) we are seeing a big push for merchandising at all levels. As a collector I am enjoying seeing all that is coming out and as budget allows I am picking up new pieces for my collection.

So one area of merchandising I don't see myself going after however is the Star Wars themed CoverGirl collection.

While I find it to be an interesting marketing concept, I just don't see myself picking any of it up.

I'm not a fan of throwing a logo on just any old thing to make it collectible, and this seems just barely a step above that. I am sure it will sell well though, I'm just not going to go after any of them.

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  1. Don't be so quick to dismiss- I think you would look just darling with a touch of blusher, maybe some yoda-green eyeshadow