Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ghostbusters Reboot Has "Ruined My Childhood"?

It seems that Sci-Fi fans are often the most troubled people on the planet.  The Red Wedding from Game of Thrones destroyed their lives. We had the creators of South Park claim that Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull left them feeling 'raped'. And now without the movie even having made it to theaters, the new Ghostbusters reboot has already gone and in some incredible twist of time travel, ruined people's childhood. Now that is a truly powerful movie.

So far for the 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters, due to hit theater in the near future, all we have had is a couple of trailers. Yet even before that, just because it was announced that the reboot would feature an all female team, the 'fans' came out in mass numbers to claim how awful it was going to be and  started the clams that their childhoods were ruined.

WTF is wrong with these people? Are we such a messed up misogynist society? Oh no, we can't have women entertain us...

And this was all started without any knowledge of story or even having seen one piece of actual film. After the trailers finally showed up the BS just seemed to keep pouring in. I watched a review of the trailers that seemed to ya 'I ain't about to give this movie a chance because it isn't the same cast as the classics.

Once more, WTF is wrong with these people?

Nothing in the trailers has turned me off from the reboot. In fact it looks like they might have made a few improvements on the origins of the team, as the original movie was a little awkward in that area.

But how does the idea that you are going to dislike a movie that has not been released yet, ruin your childhood? Even if it sucks, there has so be something seriously wrong with you if that somehow destroy the joy you had as a child over the original movie. The Star Wars prequels and the mistakes made in the Special Editions did not ruin my enjoyment of the classic trilogy or have any effect what-so-ever regarding my childhood. I actually felt the creators of South Park were over reacting to Indy 4 in a truly offensive way.  Was it as good as the original? No. It has its flaws and weaknesses, but I personally find it more enjoyable  than The Temple of Doom, which was filled with flaws add poorly thought out concepts. Never would I use the word 'raped' to describe my disappointment with such films.

Chances are the Ghostbusters reboot will not be ass good as the original, but that does not mean it will be a bad movie. Ghostbusters is one of those truly unique films experiences that can never be recaptured. We need to stop trying to get that same feeling we had the first time we saw the film, a that is just not going to happen. Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark are the same type of film, and none of the equals will ever live up to the originals.  Empire may be the better movie, but the impact of seeing it was not the same as the original Star Wars.

It is also clear that we as a society need to grow up. I find it hard to believe that there is such a over powering misogynist prevalent in our culture after all this time, but it is there and it is an insult to the rest of us.  A-holes need to stop claiming their childhood is ruined just because they are unable to deal with reality.

It is also a commentary on just how caught up in fictional universes people get. Having an emotional reaction to a death in a move of TV show is good.  Claimed your life is ruined because you don't like the way a story goes or a remake has made changes you dislike, well that seems to suggest a more serious problem. While I love entertainment, I am able to separate reality from fiction and not let my feeling about fiction mess with my real life.

And I will finish by saying some people are just assholes and want to make big deals about everything for attention. They are best left alone and ignored.

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  1. Ghostbusters can't ruin anyone's childhood- George Lucas, Michael Bay, and the GI Joe movies already ruined everyone's childhood.

    If only I had known as a child that my childhood was ruined, I would have been a lot more upset