Friday, May 16, 2014

Did You Get To Take Advantage of Free Comic Book Day?

I love Free Comic Book Day. How could anyone complain about getting free comic books? While the quality may vary, you can still get some real great comics. Hellboy, Spider-man, Serenity, the Walking Dead, Simpsons, The Tick, The Avengers and so on are just a few of the past free comics I have picked up. I would have no idea who Axe Cop was if it wasn't for getting a free issue of it.

This year Marvel did its normal routine by promoting the Marvel Studio projects. They put out both Guardians of the Galaxy and Rocket Raccoon. The GotG was good and clearly connected to the main title's storyline. Rocket raccoon was cute, but didn't draw me in.

There were a lot of indy comics that caught my attention. The First Daughter was a real interesting idea about the First Family of the US and a conflict that will need the forgotten children of our past presidents to deal with.

There was a steampunked Star Wars titled Steam Wars.

So many others that get a little mixed up in my head. A lot of good stuff and some odd stuff that just didn't work for me.

The big disappointment for me was IDW's G.I.Joe vs Transformers. It was just bad. Real bad. G.I.Joe vs Transformers has been done many times before, and generally has been enjoyable. This time nothing in it worked. I don't know what they were trying for, but there was no story there, no characterization, no point to anything they did. It all felt forced and there was next to no interaction between the G.I.Joe team or Cobra and the Transformers.We had two Transformers fighting it out as background to a truly silly battle between G.I.Joe and Cobra.

Regretfully I have a very limited budget for comics most of the rest of the year, so I can't sample as many titles as I get to for Free Comics Book Day.

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