Thursday, May 22, 2014

Why X-Men? Why?

I am really looking forwards to X-Men: Days of Future Past. Everything seems to point to this be a really incredible X-Men movie. If all goes well the family will get to see it Monday. All the trailers and clips I have seen have helped to reinforce the my confidence in this movie.

So here I am looking forwards to an X-Men movie, feeling that a second is getting on track with doing a Marvel license right, even though they have been going up and down with their movies. If DoFP is as good as I it at seems, that will make 5 of the 7 X-Men movies as being good. It makes me think they are getting back on track and there is hope for the future movies.

Then I had to learn about the casting for Gambit in the next one...

Channing Tatum? Really?

My personal opinion is that he is one of the most over rated actors out there today. He has no range at all. He is the exact same character in every movie he makes and gives nothing of depth to his performances. I am at a lose as to how he keeps getting movie roles. My wife, who thinks he is hot, agrees that he sucks at actor and his big movie 'Magic Mike', was a really bad movie and the only reason to watch it is the nudity. Basically it was Showgirls but with male strippers instead of females. Yet somehow a male stripper movie earns the guy 'Sexist Man Alive' and gets a sequel.

Right now I feel there are too many hack actors in Hollywood right now who are getting all this praise and landing big roles that they do not deserve. I won't go into a list of them, but Tatum is on the top of that list. And just to point out this is not a jealousy issue, he co-star in 21 (And 22) Jump street, Jonah Hill, who is never going to make it to 'Sexist man Alive', is also at the top of that list.

I am very much hoping that this casting will change. If not then maybe by some miracle they will find a way to make it work. We will have to wait a few years before X-Men: Apocalypse come out to see just how this works out, but that one casting announcement has me greatly worried.


  1. you may be overestimating the number of good x-men movies- I'm just saying

  2. X-Men, X-Men: 2 , X-Men: First Class, The Wolverine and now X-Men: Days of .Future Past. That makes 5.