Saturday, July 26, 2014

And None of This is Canon, so Just Relax

I am watching Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars and am going to try and write up my reactions as I watch it.

The opening scroll ended with 'And None of This is Canon, so Just Relax', which was perfect.

Perry gets to be the one to snag the Death Star Plans, which were conveniently all on one CD.

They are doing a good job of making references to everything Tatoonie related in the opening song.

I think Vader is abusing his power by having Storm Trooper get his socks for him.

Apparently the Death Star was based off a handheld nut cracker.

So this story is happening as the movie plays out around it, not a retelling of the story.

'Mos Eisley Spaceport, now 14% more scum & villainy.'

Yep, a 'Who shot first' joke got in there. It was Han, and we all know it.

For some reason the value of a time share on Alderaan suddenly dropped to nothing.

'May the Force be with you, and all that stuff.'

'Darth Vader can kiss my Bantha.'

So we have confirmation that Vader actually does have asthma.

Now this is going to be a cool lightsbaer duel. Brother vs brother.

We need action figures for these new Star Wars characters. That would be awesome.

Now we know who got Han to join the battle.

Knowing who designed the Death Star, the exhaust port idea actually makes sense now.

This is one of those episodes that you want to watch the end credits.

There was a lot of interesting stuff happening off camera. So now we have another piece of the whole story.

I have no idea why this is not canon and the prequels are.

Hopefully they will do two more of these to finish up the original trilogy.

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