Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The movie has been out for a while, but I just got to see it about a week ago. Due to being a huge fan of Spider-Man, he rates as my favorite super hero, I had to see it and I am not going to hold back on my opinions of it.

To start with I never saw the point of rebooting the franchise. I always felt after the screw up that was Spider-Man 3, they should have followed through with new casting, but kept the storyline itself going. I have no doubt at all this would have been a better choice for the studio. There was little in the first Amazing Spider-Man (ASM) that actually would not have worked as being a forth part to the story. In fact without having to retell the origin, they might have been able to work more with the plot. With ASM 2, we very much see that this would have been the better way to go.

One thing that both the ASM movies have done is not understood that Peter Parker is a different person when he puts that mask on. Peter on his own is not really cocky or smart mouthed. That is the persona he is able to be as Spider-Man. Yet in the ASM movies, Peter is way too cocky and smart assed in his street clothes. He is not awkward in the least. We see this early on in ASM2, when Peter very unneededly gets frisky with Gwen at the graduation ceremony in front of everyone. It was overly out of character for Peter Parker, yet there are many such scenes in the ASM movies.

I have no real complaints regarding Gwen Stacy. They did drastically change the character for the ASM movies, but for whatever reason it actually works. If anything she might be the best job they did with any character in the movies.

They fully, undeniably ruined the character of Harry Osborn on an unforgivable level that ruins any future stories with the character. I persoanlly feel they did this on purpose in an attempt to make it clear they are not taking anything from the SM trilogy. But the SM movies got Harry right and they should have looked at that to learn how that character should be done.

In ASM2 Harry is as dislikable as it gets. There is nothing in the way of actual friendship between Harry and Peter. They knew each other years ago, but have not been in contact for way long, so there is no real connection between them in ASM2. They are practically strangers. And the ONLY thing Harry cares about is himself. He does not have the conflict of being torn between living up to his father's ideals and finding himself. This is the main driving point in the character of Harry Osborn, yet it is 100% not in the movie. His father dies and he is told he is going to have the same genetic disease, which will kill him and some point in the future. That is the only driving force for his character to do all that he does. He is a selfish, egotistical a-hole. You don't like him and you very much do not feel sympathetic towards him. I am fully puzzled as to where the choice to ruin that character came from.

The character of Electro didn't work either, but that does not bother me as much. Electro is not an important character in the least. The story didn't make him anything significant. He was just the chosen badguy they wanted to use, but unlike what we have seen before with Doc Oct in SM2, they did not make him interesting.

I also had huge problems with the opening of the movie. It did nothing for the story. And when we finally find out what Peter's father fought so hard to transmit before he died, it is a huge let down. It really was nothing important, undeserving of such a build up.

I won't go into Peter's father's secret work station and just how ridiculous it was. It is another aspect that was 100% not needed. Too many wastes of plots that actually did not tell anything close to a intriguing story.

My understanding is that ASM2 is a build up for a Sinister Six movie, which is in itself a huge mistake, but does explain why much of the movie seems forced. It is not supposed to be its own movie, but the beginning of a different movie. That clearly plays a huge role in ruining the movie.

I have no doubt the franchise will keep going, as it is making enough money. Regretfully they have already jumped the shark, but they are not about to admit this mistake because they already have made it clear they are looking for a long term storyline without worrying about making sure each movie is worth watching.

I would say that ASM2 is the worst of the spider-man movies so far. SM3 was actually better, despite its flaws. I am disappointed because Spider-man is such a great character and deserves better treatment. we say what could be done with SM1 and 2 and even SM3 had a lot that worked well. the ASM movies just lack the soul of what Spider-man needs to be.

Now to finish up, I will admit that most likely I will go and see any future Spider-Man movies in the theater. Chances are I will wait until they hit the discount theaters though. I am not as enthusiastic about them as I am the Marvel Studio movies.

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