Sunday, March 2, 2014

Apparently My G.I.Joe Codename Would be Pulp-Mag

In the last Amateur Skeptics podcast we recorded ( ended the podcast by talking about G.I.Joe's 50th anniversary. Don't ask what that has to do with being skeptical. it is our podcast and we will go off topic as we please

We had a good talk about the toy line's history and I got to show off my knowledge concerning the topic. And I was not even the one to put the story up for discussion.

Our art guy (Yes, we have an art guy. That's how fancy a podcast we are) put together G.I.Joe style filecards from the 80's line for everyone involved in the podcast. I really liked mine, so here it is for all to see. Thanks Mac.

The podcast, Episode 104: American Heroes, should be up some time this week.

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