Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Son's Geeky Birthday

My youngest son just had his 11th birthday. I don't think he got a single gift that I would not mind having.

He got a Doctor Who TARDIS blanket, which he is now wrapped up in on the couch, from his grandparent (It goes perfectly with the TARDIS pillowcase they got him for Christmas).

We got him a really impressive looking book that goes behind the scenes of the making of the Hobbit movies. It has lots of great picture of the props and costume designs, as well as story broad and sets and so on. And a small light up TARDIS.

His friends got him mostly Magic cards.  After twenty years Magic the gathering is still going strong. I love that my boys and their friends play it. I showed off a bit to his friends by showing them my old school magic cards.

He also got a Nerf gun, which we have all played with.

And he got money, lots of money.  With his moeny his picked up a new 11th Doctor's sonic screwdriver, a Character Building set of the TARDIS and the LEGO Back to the Future set that was available for the first time at the LEGO store.

The Back to the Future LEGO set is really cool.  You build the DeLorean, and then you can customize it to whatever version you desire. You can make just about every version of the car with just the one set.

So my boy had a good birthday and we have new toys in the house to play with. Just none of them are mine.

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  1. I got that Hobbit book for Christmas from Rebecca. It is definitely very cool!