Sunday, March 16, 2014

You Can't Take the Sky From Me

The Science channel is once more doing a Firefly marathon today. They seem to do one about once a month or so. It is always nice to have something like that playing in the background at times.

No matter how many times I see any episdoe of Firefly, it never gets old. Most programs have some episodes that are not too good and are not worth watching again, or even once in some cases. Most of the time you get one or two such episodes a season. Somehow every episode of Firefly is so well done that they are easy to watch over and over again and enjoy them fully.

With thirteen episodes and one movie, the Firefly saga is undeniably one of the greatest Sci-fi shows ever. I personally rank it as one of the top five. Watching the episodes it is obvious as to why they have such a following after all this time. There are just too many moments of brilliance found in ever episode.

You start with the opening song that is filled with emotion and perfectly fits the show's theme. I rank as the number one opening music for a show. It really is that good.

The amount of brilliant, easily repeatable quotes is incredible. We are not talking about catch phrases here either. None of the characters have catch phrases and that is a good thing. The dialogue is that well written.

There is nothing about I can find fault with in the show. Nothing. It is about as perfect as it gets. Outside of it getting canceled of course.

I do wonder if ti would have been able to keep that level of quality if it had kept going. In some ways the magic of Firefly is held strong by just how little was made. There was no chances given for it to drag on and jump the shark.

I know a few people who have not yet watched Firefly. They really have no idea just what it is they are missing.


  1. The only book written by Steven Brust that I haven't read is his Firefox book. Is it a good stand-alone book for someone who hasn't seen the show?

    1. You need to see the show. It is not a huge time commitment (13 episodes, one movie) and is very much worth watching. We can loan you the DVDs. With football season over with, you can put the time you wasted watching the games into something enjoyable like watching Firefly. It will be a far more rewarding experience.