Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Did You Know It's Banned Book Week?

Yesterday my oldest boy asked me if I knew that there were people banning books. I of course told him it has been happening for a long time and is nothing new. Then we had a good conversation about banned books and censorship. I was proud that he knew banning books was wrong without me needing to have the talk. I explained to him about people who wish to limit the availability of information and knowledge.

Now to help promote Banned Book Week, here are a few links to articles about it.

Banned Books Week and the 'Dangers' of the Comic Book
-This is a good one to learn about the history of the Comic Code and the misguided attitudes some idiots had concerning comic books.

33 Must-Read Books To Celebrate Banned Books Week
-I've not read as many of these as I should have, but it is a list worth trying to complete.

Texas school district suspends seven books from high-school curriculum
-Here Texas shows us that the need to promote and encourage ignorance is still alive and thriving.

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