Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Will Captain Citrus earn a spot in the Avengers?

I always find it amusing when comics are used by various companies to promote their brand. I still have the old Kool-Aid Man comics that Marvel did way back when. Some times it can be fun and others it can be too corny and idiotic. Still, it must be deemed worth doing, as companies still spend piles of cash to get their own super-hero.

Today I found out about Captain Citrus, http://www.floridacitrus.org/captain-citrus, the new hero created to promote the benefits of Florida orange juice. In his first digital comic book he teams up with the Avengers. There will be free print comics given away to schools (Yes, I am hoping my boys' school get them). Here is the press release on it, http://www.floridacitrus.org/news/florida-citrus-unveils-americas-newest-hero/.

After reading the first digital comic, this looks to be one of the better thought out promotional character. He doesn't come off as being silly or too over the top connected to the product. I am guessing his origin story will be the free print give away issue, as we get none of his origin in the digital comic. We get a sense of his powers and a hint that he is just starting to learn all he can do.

Apparently Florida Sunshine is more useful than we thought. I am wondering if Captain Citrus is powerless outside of Florida. Or are his powers diminished in sunlight other than Florida's? I get the feeling they won't be exploring any of that. I doubt we'll get much in the way of depth with this character for some reason.

Though after he picks up a cult following, the Death of Captain Citrus will become an historic issue. His arch-enemy Sour Rot (I looked it up so that my name for his villain was an actual mold that contaminates oranges) will infect him and rot him from the inside out.

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