Sunday, September 14, 2014

Do You Believe in Haven?

This last week we had the season five premiere of the Sy-Fy channel original show Haven. I have really enjoyed the show. Unlike so many other similar shows, there has been real progress in the storyline, especially at the end of last season.

For those unfamiliar with the show, it is based off a Stephen King novella titled 'The Colorado Kid'. The show takes place in a small new England town on the coast of Maine called Haven that under goes a unique and scary 27 year cycle. Every 27 years, corresponding with a meteor shower, things get a little crazy in Haven. At that time people who are 'troubled' start to display dangerous, and often uncontrollable, supernatural abilities. Also at this time a young lady comes to town. She always has the same face, but a different name and personality. She is uniquely immune to the 'troubles' and always ends up working with those who are 'troubled' to keep the chaos as diminished as possible.

For the present cycle the young lady has taken the identity of FBI agent Audrey Parker. This, like all her past identity, are copied from other people. At one point the real Audrey Parker actually hunts down the copy and confronts her. We have now learned the her original name is Mara and that as Mara she was involved in actually creating the 'Troubles' with a mysterious man named Williams.

One of the main aspects of Haven that I like, unlike so any other similar shows out there, they do not run in circles. Time and time again we have gotten real answers to the big mysteries of the show. Pieces have fallen into place and that has not taken anything away from the greater story. We have gotten actual progress in the storyline and it has been well done.

The story is coming together and I very much could see this being the last season, even though they have not announced it. The storyline is getting to a point where they could pull of a great ending that is not needlessly drawn out, where everything is pulled together in a satisfying manner. I really have high hopes that is what will happen with Haven. Too many shows have failed to properly take the time to end the show in such a manner. So many seem to think they need to not answering anything until the final episode, which normally makes it all rushed and confusing with nothing satisfying about it.

So I have high hopes for where Haven is going this season. It has been an enjoyable ride so far and I am looking forwards to seeing where they take us now.

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