Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Geeky Collection of Boardgames

In this house we do not really have much in the way of 'common' boardgames. We have literally hundreds of boardgames though. Wish I had the time to play them more often, but we get them out when we can. It would take way too long to list them all, but we have a wide verity of them that cover all manner of themes and styles. They range from real simple pure luck games that got picked up more for other reasons than game design all the way to heavy strategy games that can take up a full afternoon.

As for the more common boardgames, even there they are not common version. Monopoly, Risk, Life, Stratego, we have, but they are Star Wars editions of the games. Instead of Clue we have Mystery at Hogwarts, a Harry Potter version of the game. Our Uno game is also Harry Potter themed.

A few weeks ago we picked up an Indiana Jones themed Life game at a thrift store for $4. Finally got a chance to play it tonight. It was not much at all like any other versions of Life I have played. It was simpler and quicker. There was a lot more freedom of movement as you go through areas based on the first three movies. You either pick up the artifacts or try to steal them from the other players if they got to them first. At the end whoever has the most wealth wins, with the artifacts being very valuable.

Still had the basic Life spinner that is always annoying and needs to be held oddly in order to be used. Not sure why that is what seems to be the main aspect that connects all version of Life.

The family enjoyed playing, so it was wroth picking up.

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