Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Day of the Doctor in 3-D

On Monday evening the family was part of the huge crowd of Whovians who got out to the theaters and saw The Day of the Doctor in 3-D on the big screen.  I have to say it was an awesome experience.

The program itself was truly something special for Doctor Who fans. The story, the cast, all the little extras throughout and so much more came together for a great television experience. To see it in 3-D in a theater with a crowd took it to a new level.

We got treated to a couple special extras before hand.

The pre-show was trivia from Doctor Who over the years, which I actually knew all of.

There was the standard theater announcement about cell phone, noise and recording devices given to us by Strax in his unique style.  It was very memorable and should be used as a regular opening for movies.

Then we had Matt Smith and David Tennant get us started off with our 3-D experience which included a warning about 'The chin' and a test using your 3-D glasses to see if someone next to you is a zygon.  Turns out my wife is a zygon in disguise.

Then we got the the big event. 

The Fall of Arcadia is just too perfect in 3-D.  You get Daleks coming right at you. The chaos and destruction really come alive in 3-D. They knew what they were doing in filming to give the audience the most for their 3-D experience.

Now while the special itself was enjoyable, there was an added level with the crowd of fans who were laughing and cheering together throughout. The crowd element really added to the enjoyment. There is something about being part of such a group that feeds back on itself to multiply the enjoyment of such and event.

I found it interesting that many of those in the theater had behaved themselves and not watched The Day of the Doctor before hand.  They wanted to have their first viewing to be the 3-D one.  Their reactions during the screening made it clear they really were surprised at the right points.

It finished with a short exclusive behind the scenes special.

It all made for a enjoyable evening for all.  If you have not seen it yet, go and watch The Day of the Doctor.  You won't regret it.

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