Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Night of The Doctor

I have now watched 'The Night of The Doctor' several times today. Might have watched it more if I hadn't had to waste my time with a job. There is just a lot to it that really gets one thinking.

First off it looks like Steven Moffat may be setting us up for some future stories with reintroducing the Sisterhood of Karn, who would have knowledge as to how to extend a Time Lord's regenerations, which fits with some of what Moffat has hinted at. Moffat has shown he likes to set things up well ahead of time, so this all fits his normal patterns.

Now Paul McGann has said repeatedly he was not asked to be in the 50th anniversary special, but was willing to be included. Well he now has been included, in a manner of speaking. So that got me thinking about all the other past Doctors who have said they are not going to be in the 50th anniversary special.  It does not mean they will not be involved in it in a similar manner. Maybe we'll get the missing regeneration of Hurt into Eccleston as a short.

This being our first real look at the Time War is just awesome in and of itself.  We got to see a little of it with 'The End of Time', but that was all just the Time Lords and their POV on it all.  Now we have seen others who got caught up in the madness and see more as to why the Doctor needed to end it.  I have a feeling we'll see more of that in 'The Day of The Doctor'.

One odd thing is that the John Hurt's Doctor we see after the regeneration is a young man.  We know that in 'The Day of the Doctor' he will be an old man.  So it must take him a long time to end the war, even though it is stated that there is a need to end it soon in order to save the universe. So I am curious as to how this will be handled. Does the activities of the Time War end up aging the Doctor unnaturally? Or does it actually take that long for the Doctor to end the Time War? More hints as to  just what we can expect to see on the 23rd.

This one short is a great way to build excitement and give us fans a great little introduction into the bigger story.  It is going to be a long week for Doctor Who fans.

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