Monday, November 18, 2013

This is Doctor Who Week

Everyday this week BBC America is running a Dr Who marathon as we get ready for the big 50th anniversary events. That means that I should be able to find something worth watching all week long.

There just seems so much going on for the celebration. Every time we turn around there is another announcement being made.

Little by little we should be getting sneak peeks from as people use the #savetheday to build the TARDIS. Check out the website for that to make any sense.

There is another mini-episode that is known to exist titled 'Last Day'. It will be on the DVD release of 'The Day of the Doctor', if we don't get it released before hand.  Nothing is known as to what it will be about.  My personal guess is that it will be the end of the Time War and we'll get to see our missing regeneration, giving Eccleston his 50th anniversary guest appearance that he has denied doing. It would so fit with everything else we have seen.

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