Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

So if you have seen 'The Day of the Doctor', which is something no one should miss, then you know just how awesome it was to see so many connections to the past Doctors. With that final out of story scene with all 12 Doctors standing together even if only three of them actually were the real thing...

I talked about this a few posts back, but Peter Davidson, the fifth Doctor, put together a special little film titled 'The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot'. It is well worth watching and fits in with the 50th anniversary celebration.

While the story focuses on Peter Davidson, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy, there were just so many cameos of people connected with Doctor Who.  In some ways it was a perfect way to wrap up the 50th anniversary.

We get to see John Barrowman hanging with the classic era Doctors and a shocking revelation about him that may change the way you view the man.

Davidson's daughter (Tennant's wife), Georgia Moffett had one of the more memorable cameos.

We got flashes of former companions swirling aorund Steven Moffet's head much like what was once part of the regeneration process back in the classic days. I cannot tell you all of who was in that part, but it looks like they got most of the living former companions for it.

Noticeably absent were Tom Baker and  Christopher Eccleston, the only two living former Doctors to not be in it.  Tom Baker at least got his scene in 'The Day of the Doctor' and there was a line that gave a reason as to why our trio of former Doctors didn't recruit him.

Eccleston is another matter.  He was a brilliant Doctor for his short time in the role.  It bothers me that he has such an issue with distancing himself from Doctor Who. I am not going to speculate on this though.  He has his personal issues and there is no point in trying to figure out his thinking process. It was a letdown to fans for him to not be part of the 50th anniversary celebration in some manner though.

The 'The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot' does end with the possibility that our three classic era Doctors may have actually gotten their cameos in 'The Day of the Doctor'. It will be interesting to learn if what is hinted at actually is true or not, even if we don't get to see their faces.

While things will settle down now after the record breaking broadcast (Simultaneous broadcasted in 96 countries) we still have a little bit more of the celebration to go. It is not over yet.

I still get to see 'The Day of the Doctor' again, but in a theater in 3-D on Monday.

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