Sunday, February 16, 2014

Let's Disassemble The Lego Movie

Originally we had not planned on getting out and seeing The Lego Movie, but some friends from the Denver Area Science Fiction Association were talking about it last night and I knew my boys really wanted to see it.  So we got out this morning and saw it.

Now yes, it is basically an hour and forty minutes of a toy commercial. Of course now days in truth most animated movies are the same thing, just not as honest about it. Merchandising a movie, especially a kid's movie is no big deal any more and should not be used as a reason to avoid a movie.

The Lego Movie is a wonderfully silly film. Not surprisingly there are a lot of hidden visual jokes throughout, a great deal of which I am sure I did not catch. It was the style of movie that you know  has more hidden elements in it than you can catch in just one watching. At least it is enjoyable enough to watch multiple times.

As a collector of the Lego mini-figures I did enjoy seeing the various characters from the history of the Mini-figure throughout the film. It was part of the elements I was keeping an eye out for. They really used just about every style of Lego character in the film, with the one exception of the Marvel Comic Super Heroes. The film was done through Warner Brothers, who own DC Comics, so the DC comics Super Heroes were a focus in the film.

The basic message is fairly straight forward and there is an amusing level of hypocrisy in them saying you should not worry about following the instructions and instead build based on your own personal creative desires, all the while showing all manner of vehicles that you can go out and buy in a Lego set and follow the instructions in order to build.

There are some great surprises in the movie that really work. I don't want to say much on it so as not to give anything away. I will only say that there are parts that you cannot see coming.

A good ending that worked and fun credits worth sitting through, but nothing after the credits.

I recommend this movie to Lego fans, animation fans and people who just want to go see as fun, silly, entertaining movie that unlike so many others, really does fit in perfectly in both product and overall  nature of the toy line it is based on.

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