Saturday, February 22, 2014

Now We Are Really Excited About The Denver Comic Con

We have now gone to both years of The Denver Comic Con and have our tickets purchased for this year's DCC with our tax refund.

Up until this point I had not been overly excited about any of the guest. Yes, Bruce Campbell is cool and I will try to meet him if the line for him is reasonable. But for whatever reason him being there did not overly excite me.

For a little while now they have been hinting at there being a big time Doctor Who guest and my family has been patiently waiting to learn who it will be. Today they announced that we will be getting Peter Davison, the Fifth Doctor. As it turns out my oldest boy is working on a Fifth Doctor's costume, so that is great timing. I just told him about the announcement and he was very excited.

Last year we got to meet Colin Baker, the Sixth Doctor. It seems that DCC is going to keep things going strong for us.

Now there is still time for them to announce more guests, as we have a few months before the convention so there is the chance of more guests that we will get excited about, possibly even bigger ones from Doctor Who. For now though, we have one guest that we know we will go out of our way to meet.

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