Thursday, February 27, 2014

Official Doctor Who Legos Are Now a Possibility

Through a special Lego on-line program called Lego Cuusoo ( we have gotten a Back to the Future Lego set and will be getting Ghostbuster Legos in the very near future. The way Cuusoo works is that people propose ideas for possible Lego set and if the idea gets 10,000 supporters, it is up for consideration by the Lego company. If the project is doable, then it can move on to being an actually produced Lego set. Very often the reason for a project to get rejected is due to licensing rights. Well up until recently the idea of Legos doing any Doctor Who themed set was an impossibility due to the company Character Options owning the right to Doctor Who toys and producing a Lego like line of Doctor Who building toys.

Lego has just made an anoouncemnt that something has changed.

No actual information as to why they are now allowed to consider Doctor Who themes, as it seems that Character Options still has the rights as they are still posting up dates about upcoming releases.Their building line has been doing well and there are new pieces coming out this year.

It would be interesting to know just what has changed. The possible end results however could be fun. While I like the Character Options line, I will also enjoy it if puts out their own sets.

On a side note, one of the past rejected Cussoo concepts that never should have been rejected was a Firefly themed set. The reasoning given was because the show Firefly did not fit with what Legos wishes to promote itself as. It would have been so awesome to get Firefly Legos. I'm surprised some other company has not tried to follow through with it.

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