Monday, February 3, 2014

The Superb Owl Radio Shack Ad

I don't watch the game itself and thanks to the internet I can now wait until the next day to get all the commercials with out wasting my time with that sport stuff.

One that stuck out for me was the Radio Shack 'The 80s Called' ad

Looks to be the beginnings of an amusing ad campaign by them (Check out Jason and the 3-D printer). Should be interesting to see where they take this. I've watched it a few times now and love all the 80s references that are there. That was the decade I grew up in and am really familiar with. There were a few I caught that I was surprised to see, like Slim Goodbody. And there were a few I didn't get at all.

Of course I am wondering what I have missed and plan to watch the ad a few more times and see what I can catch. Of course that is part of what makes this a good ad, since you want to watch it multiple times to see if you can find all that is in it.

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