Sunday, January 26, 2014

Denver Comic Con 2013

This time around I will be talking about Denver Comic Con 2013.  It was just a great weekend of fandom on so many levels.  Yes, there were crowds and long lines and at times it got frustrating, but in the end it was highly enjoyable. 

For me the greatest part of the convention was the interactions with artists who entertain us across all forms of media.  DCC was incredible this last year with that interaction for my family.   

We got to meet Colin Baker, the actor who played the Sixth Doctor in Dr. Who, really nice and outgoing.  

 We had a great conversation with Daphne Askbrook (She played companion Grace Hollaway in the Doctor Who movie from the late 90s) who was just so excited about all the people she met, claiming to be a huge people watcher.  

 We also had a truly memorable exchange with Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca from Star Wars) who we had met 10 years ago at Starfest.  My oldest son Quinn was three at the time, bet he remembers the meeting.  We gave Mayhew a picture of the two of them from Starfest and it really seemed to mean a lot to him. So now we have some updated photos of them meeting again.
My boys went  in their improved costumes of Dr. Horrible and Capt. Hammer (If you still have not seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, you are really missing out).  The only guest they really cared about meeting was Felicia Day, who plays Penny in Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog.  From the get go there were heavy lines for her.  I honestly believe she was more popular than any other guest there, including William Shatner.  So on Friday the boys got to meet Robin Thorsen (She is a co-star of Felicia Day’s from the web series The Guild) and they sang to her one of the Dr. Horrible songs.  They had hoped to sing it to Felicia Day as well, but that didn’t happen.  Due to the craziness of it all and just bad timing on our part, come Sunday afternoon it looked as if we were going to miss out on meeting her.  Her line was closed early as she had a plane to catch.  We were told by her manager that if we waited there was a chance if the line moved quickly he get us in as it was clear the boys were fans.  The line was not moving quickly at all.  Once the line was cleared and she was getting ready to head out, my wife took the boys up to at least wave to her.  She stopped what she was doing, walk over and let the boys stand with her so we could get a picture of them.  It meant a lot to my boys to have that.

Those are the kind of con experience that are worth it and can outshine the rest of the weekend.
As with all such cons the costuming dominated with creativity evident at every turn.  Local authors and artist were everywhere, as well as some big names in the comic book industry. Fan groups were there in full force and or course the dealer’s room was packed with goodies that could suck dry the funds of any fan willing to pick up some new collectables. 

All the madness that fits together so well to make a con memorable.

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