Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Addictiveness of WOW

Always interesting to see what I end up writing about when I feel like adding to this blog. I always have various ideas rattling around in my head, but more often than not those get pushed to the back as events of the day motivate me to take it into different directions. This post is very much one of those.

We just got back from getting out and about. While at Big Lots we saw the basic set for World of Warcraft marked down to $5 and my son decided to spend his allowance on it. Knowing him, we will now have real hard time getting him out of his room for the next month. He very much gets addicted to video games and I know from experience how caught up one can get in World of Warcraft.

About five years ago my father got me a 90 day subscription for it so that we could play together, even though he lives two states away. He was already addicted and wanted to spread the addiction to others.

It is a fun enough game. You get a variety of challenges and have a lot of freedom in your movements and development. I can see why it is so popular. However it is dangerous for those who really cannot afford to loose track of their lives. It is real easy to get lost in leveling up and exploring the world.

I've not really tried the expansions for it, so I can't say much about them. I know there are new species you can be and there are vehicles you can buy with all manner of new monsters and such I am sure.

Most likely my other son will end up just as addicted and most likely will want his own account. It is hard enough to get them to do anything as it is, now I am fairly confident that it will get harder.

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