Saturday, January 4, 2014

Today is a Star Wars Day

For some reason it seems like Star Wars is everywhere today.

Spike TV was doing their bi-weekly Star Wars marathon, airing all six movies in a row.  This is nothing new as it seems like most weekends they do this.  I think they have other programming going on outside of the Star Wars films, but they do air them often.

If I was into sports I could go to the Colorado Mammoth (Our Lacrosse team) game and be part of the Star Wars theme night. Seems like one of the stranger promotions for a sporting event, but I know there are those who are geeks and are into sports.  Would be interesting to see just what kind of crowd the event attracted.

Now we are watching the Mythbuster Star Wars special. Mythbusters itself is generally entertaining but ti is really cool to have the Star Wars theme added to it. So far is has been enjoyable.  Should be cool to see how it goes.

There is no doubt that Star Wars is everywhere.  I can't think of a show set in the late 70s forwards that has gotten a Star Wars reference in there.  Its influence shows up all the time in any more.  There is no doubt that those who grew up with the Star Wars movies are the ones dominating today's entertainment.

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